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From my post at the Microsoft Forums...

I seem to be constantly losing my IP lease.

This is not the result of an error at my ISP. I have already been down this

Most often, it occurs anytime between 10 min to 1 hour of reboot, sometimes
longer, it is rather unpredictable. When this occurs, I usually run ipconfig
to see what my IP is. It is always defaulting to a 169.x.x.x IP, and
renewing will get me the same. Sometimes, I am not able to renew at all and am given the error "Unable to connect to DHCP server."

I have also rebuilt the TCP/IP stack. This occasionally works, but not all
the time. Rebooting works 100% of the time (so far), but it's a pain in the
ass to reboot several times a session.

I've considered that the problem may be with my bridge/router, but the other
two computers do not experience this type of problem. I've also done my share
of trading out x-over cables and testing network cards - all to no avail.

Is this a problem in my Winsock Registry? Are ports 67 and 68 somehow being
blocked (or worse)? How can I find out these things? Am I barking up the
wrong tree and this is an easy-to-fix problem?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

So, WTF? Any of you have an idea?

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